Control unit/energy management

  • You’re in good hands

    Your heat pump manager is the heart of your smart home and reliably controls your heat pump. You benefit from greater self-sufficiency and cost savings.

    Simple and efficient energy management in your own home

    Energy management may sound like a big deal, but it’s actually a very simple concept for your home. We offer comprehensive solutions that allow you to use self-generated photovoltaic power and set a comfortable temperature for yourself.

    We know you want to make best use of the power from your photovoltaic system. You can start by connecting it to your heat pump, so that it is then using self-generated power to draw free thermal energy from the environment. We offer you energy management solutions with which you can store surplus energy or export it to the grid for others.

    Good reasons to enjoy your home comforts

    Increase self-consumption of photovoltaic power

    You want to make best possible use of self-generated photovoltaic power. The connection to your heat pump, which uses this power to draw free thermal energy from the environment, is just the beginning. We offer you two different types of energy management for surplus energy, which can be stored, exported to the grid or used for other consumers. With both systems, you increase your self-sufficiency and save on energy bills:

    Comfort through energy management

    With our comprehensive energy management systems, you can tailor your level of thermal comfort to suit your requirements. Regardless of whether you are using individual appliances or complex systems. All our components are perfectly matched to each other so that you can continue to enjoy your STIEBEL ELTRON products for many years to come.


    The WPMsystem is a radical new control concept. The comprehensive functions of the WPM standard module can be extended with WPE modules and the FET remote control. All of these components can be conveniently connected to one another via the system bus.