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  • WWK 222/302 H

    The compact appliance offers outstanding efficiency and an extremely high level of domestic hot water convenience.

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    Domestic hot water heat pumps

    Domestic hot water heat pumps utilise free environmental energy for domestic hot water heating. These systems draw heat from indoor air, from basement rooms for example. And the initial outlay is affordable too.

    Independence: Domestic hot water heat pumps are a first step towards energy provision based on renewables

    Where domestic hot water heating from renewable sources is concerned, the domestic hot water heat pump offers a quick and convenient solution. Basements in particular are often heated passively and unintentionally, whether by a boiler or by electrical appliances that give off a lot of heat. Rather than allowing it to go to waste, domestic hot water heat pumps reclaim this energy. Up to 70 % of the energy required for domestic hot water heating can be taken from recirculation air. An entire detached house can be supplied with domestic hot water by feeding the yielded heat into the integral cylinder.

    All domestic hot water heat pumps

    Affordable to buy – easy to install

    A compact version of the domestic hot water heat pump can be commissioned with minimum installation effort. The fully wired appliance simply has to be connected to the water pipes.
    Equipped with a suitable fan, the domestic hot water heat pump simply draws in warm ambient air and extracts latent heat from it. This is then used to heat the domestic hot water.
    STIEBEL ELTRON offers a suitable solution for virtually any demand or installation site. 

    Efficiency: Heat recovery from the ambient air at the installation site

    WWK 222/302 H electronic compact appliances are fully wired domestic hot water heat pumps for domestic hot water heating. They are available with integral cylinder in two sizes and come in an attractive design. These highly efficient heat pumps, with optimally insulated cylinder, achieve excellent output values.  Information such as the currently available amount of mixed water at +40 °C can be called up instantly. In heat pump only mode, water temperatures of up to +65 °C can be achieved.

    These compact appliances are designed to supply several draw-off points. The high quality equipment includes a maintenance-free impressed current anode, which eliminates the costs for anode testing, which would otherwise be required. External signal transmitters can be integrated via the built-in contact input, for example a photovoltaic system to provide solar power generated on site* or, if necessary and where possible, an economy tariff signal.

    *Requires a specific inverter

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