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  • Comfort through heat pump technology

    Enjoy time at home with your family. Your WPL air source heat pump supplies hot water and a feel-good room temperature. So you can enjoy your home comforts.

    Futureproof your home

    Your heat pump uses energy stored in the air, water and the ground. Select the heat pump that suits your home. There are models suitable for every installation situation, be it a new build or modernisation project; indoor or outdoor installation.

    A heat pump is worthwhile for you and your environment in many ways: you get a futureproof heating system and reduce CO2 emissions. As a heat pump manufacturer, we have been providing you with highly efficient appliances for heating, hot water and cooling for over 40 years. Engineered in Germany.

    Comfort through heat pump technology

    Explained in brief

    You ask, we answer

    Would you like a heat pump system for your home but still have some questions? We’re here to help! Here you can browse our frequently asked questions.

    Why choose a heat pump?

    Are you looking for an environmentally responsible heating system? If you opt for a heat pump as your heating system, you won’t have to rely on fossil fuels. This means you will reduce your carbon footprint, to the benefit of the environment.

    Heat pumps convert energy stored in the air, water or beneath the ground into heating energy. And that’s not all! Combined with a DHW cylinder, this method of heating also assures you of a reliable domestic hot water supply. The three natural elements mentioned above contain supplies of energy that are always available. 

    How does a heat pump work?

    A heat pump uses energy from the environment and converts it into heat for your home. First, the heat energy present in water, the ground, outdoor air or extract air is transferred to a refrigerant via a heat exchanger (evaporator). With the aid of a compressor, the refrigerant boosts this energy to a higher temperature level, making it suitable, via another heat exchanger (condenser), for the heating system or DHW heating.

    Depending on the energy source, up to four parts environmental energy can be converted to heating energy with one part electrical energy. The environmental energy at an initial air temperature of -20 °C to +35 °C must be brought to a temperature level suitable for heating (DHW).

    Understanding the technology. A heat pump works like the fridge in your kitchen, except in reverse. Our video gives a clear and simple explanation of how your heat pump heating system works.

    Are you looking for an environmentally responsible heating system? Our heat pumps get top marks

    If you are looking for a suitable heating system, the energy efficiency label (ErP) will help you to understand the product’s efficiency quickly. Heat pump heating systems are split into nine efficiency classes. The best energy efficiency category is A++. Category G identifies appliances with significantly poorer values.


    Our heat pumps are almost without exception in the best efficiency class – namely classes A to A++. So you can enjoy feel-good temperatures in your home, safe in the knowledge you have an efficient heating system.

    Where are heat pumps used?

    Whether you are modernising an older building or undertaking a new build: suitable heat pumps are available for almost every kind of home. A heat pump system is highly efficient and the heat it supplies to your home is carbon neutral. This makes it fit for the future as well as an excellent choice today.

    Heat pumps for new builds and modernising older buildings

    In response to the question of which heat pump system is suitable for which type of building: essentially, a heat pump is an option no matter what type of building. With a heat pump, you are opting for an environmentally responsible heating system that uses free environmental energy. Heat pump systems significantly reduce CO2 emissions, with zero emissions at the point of installation. From highly energy efficient new builds through to modernised, or even unmodernised, detached houses – STIEBEL ELTRON offers the right heat pump solutions for buildings of almost any shape and size. You’ll never have to rely on oil and gas again with your eco-friendly heat pump! 

    Where do you install a heat pump?

    We supply air source heat pumps for both outdoor installation and indoor-only installation. If space is tight, you can obtain compact appliances in which many components, such as the DHW cylinder, are already integrated to save space. The individual dimensions for our heat pumps can be found in the product catalogue within the specifications (for download). Your local installer will help you to design your system correctly

    Which seals and awards do STIEBEL ELTRON heat pumps have?

    Are you looking for an award winning heating system? Products from STIEBEL ELTRON are recipients of internationally recognised awards for their outstanding design, such as the Red Dot Award and the iF Design Award. The design work and R&D for all of our products is carried out in Germany to ensure "Made in Germany" quality.

    The independent EHPA quality label also confirms the excellent quality of our products. The European Heat Pump Association (EHPA) represents the interests of the European heat pump industry. Its aim is to further promote heat pump technology in the European market for residential, commercial and industrial applications.


    Compact knowledge. Our heat pump brochures

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