Shower filter

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    Expand the happiness of showering moment with the relaxing scents from VITA shower filter.

    Do you have water problems in your household?

    The Vita is a shower filter that reduces chlorine and rust in the inlet water. Pure vitamin C (ascorbic acid) as an ingredient reduces residual chlorine and rust in tap water and can relieve skin irritation and other allergies.

    The Vita comes with a choice of multiple fragrances, e.g. strawberry, green tea, rose, acacia and lavender – so there is something to suit every taste.

    Good reasons to enjoy your home comforts

    Get the answers to your VITA and fitting questions

    How could I install VITA shower filter?

    You could install VITA shower filter by yourself, just open the caps on both sides of VITA shower filter and plug them into inlet or outlet and the hose.

    If you don't have the water heater, no problem, you could install it into your tap directly!

    How do I know if VITA shower filter is finished?

    After the VITA is finished, there will be no smell when you shower.

    What is the lifetime of VITA shower filter?

    Generally, the lifetime of VITA shower filter is around 3 months, depends on water quality and numbers of people showering daily.

    What happen if I forget to take it out when it is finished?

    There is no problem if you forget to take the finished VITA shower filter out of the water heater. The water will just flow through the VITA without any smell and harm.