What are the advantages of decentralised instantaneous water heaters over centralised storage water heaters?

Solutions for efficient storage water heaters are differentiated into centralised and decentralised installations. Centralised storage water heaters are mostly large storage tanks that are heated by elements, centralised heating systems like heat pumps or oil and gas burner. In this case, reasonable efficiency levels dissipate through long pipe runs. The actual energy efficiency of the system usually only comes to light in the end-of-year bill. This is because of many factors, such as hot water ring main circulation, heat losses from hot water storage tanks, standby energy consumption and distribution losses result in high energy consumption. These factors are seldom recognised as water heating costs and if these hidden costs are also taken into account, then decentralised electric water heating systems are often more economical than centralised systems. This has been verified by various different studies.

Decentralised water heaters offers many benefits:

1. Close to the point of use
The water heaters are installed precisely where they are needed: under the sink in the kitchen, at the wash basin, next to the shower or near the bath.

2. Energy saving
Short pipe runs, due to installation being direct at the point of usage ensure that heat losses are reduced to a minimum. This saves energy and protects the environment.

3. Water saving
Short pipe runs also mean that there is no cooled down cold water in the hot water pipe, which needs to run off unused when the hot water is drawn off. When the pipes are short there is no precious water lost down the drain before the hot water comes out of the tap.

4. Affordable
With impeccable thermal insulation and an A rated energy efficiency, heating water is cheaper than ever before.

5. Easy to fit
Ourdecentralised water heaters are quick and easy to install even when replacing an older unit, this limits expenditure and saves time.

6. Accurate billing
In apartment buildings, the possibility of accurate individual billing is appreciated as everyone pays for what they use not a penny more.