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    APPLICATION: Vita is a shower filter that reduces chlorine and rust from the inlet water. 

    EQUIPMENT & COMFORT: Pure vitamin C ingredient (ascorbic acid) in the Vita shower filter reduces residual chlorine and rust from tap water that might cause skin allergy and other allergies. It improves skin and hair conditions. It is also good for lung and respiratory health by reducing chlorine inhalation while showering. Real strawberry fragrance oil brings lovely, fresh and summery mood for your shower time. Organic oil (olive or almond oil)  in the filter media improves the skin's moisture during and after shower time. It is available with 5 fragrance choices: natural strawberry, green tea and lavender, luxury artificial rose and acacia. 

    INSTALLATION: Vita shower filter can be installed at the inlet or outlet of a water heater, at the inlet of a showerhead or with a mixing tap.

    SAFETY & QUALITY: Vita shower filter is tested with TISTR Thailand, Korea Conformities Laboratory, SGS for FDA of media and KOTTITI Korea.

    Technical datasheet

    Product Number: 204823

    Height: 138 mm

    Diameter: 46 mm

    Weight: 0.2 kg

    Filter type: Water filter

    Colour: white

    Fragrance: Rose

    Filtration stages: 5 Stage

    Filter stage 1: Sediment filter

    Filter stage 2: Pure ascorbic acid (vitamin C)

    Filter stage 3: Sweet almond oil

    Filter stage 4: Saururus chinensis extract

    Filter stage 5: High grade artificial rose fragrance

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