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    Application • Vita is a shower filter that reduces chlorine and rust from the inlet water. 

    Equipment & Comfort • Pure vitamin C ingredient (ascorbic acid) in the Vita shower filter reduces residual chlorine and rust from tap water that might cause skin allergy and other allergies. • It improves skin and hair conditions. It is also good for lung and respiratory health by reducing chlorine inhalation while showering. • Real strawberry fragrance oil brings lovely, fresh and summery mood for your shower time. • Organic oil (olive or almond oil)  in the filter media improves the skin's moisture during and after shower time. • It is available with 5 fragrance choices: natural strawberry, green tea and lavender, luxury artificial rose and acacia. 

    Installation • Vita shower filter can be installed at the inlet or outlet of a water heater, at the inlet of a showerhead or with a mixing tap.

    Safety & Quality • Vita shower filter is tested with TISTR Thailand, Korea Conformities Laboratory, SGS for FDA of media and KOTTITI Korea.

    Technical datasheet

    Product Number: 204849

    Height: 138 mm

    Diameter: 46 mm

    Weight: 0.2 kg

    Filter type: Water filter

    Colour: white

    Fragrance: Lavender

    Filtration stages: 5 Stage

    Filter stage 1: Sediment filter

    Filter stage 2: Pure ascorbic acid (vitamin C)

    Filter stage 3: Olive oil

    Filter stage 4: Saururus chinensis extract

    Filter stage 5: Naturally fragrant lavender oil

    Temperature range: 4 - 38 °C

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