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    Targeted control – planned expansion. The heat pump manager system is a radical new control concept. The comprehensive functions of the standard module can be extended with this remote control. The heat pump manager is the brains of the system and is able to control numerous functions via its integral programming unit. For example it can operate two heat pumps in a cascade or control one direct heating circuit and two heating circuits with mixer. A module extension enables a further four heat pumps and two further heating circuits with mixer to be controlled. These heating circuits (five in total) can each be controlled with one of these remote controls. This digital remote control allows convenient entry, display and control of the cooling and heating operation. For this, the appliance takes account of the relative humidity, monitors the dew point temperature and thereby actively prevents condensate from forming.

    Technical datasheet

    Product Number: 234723

    Width: 145 mm

    Height: 96 mm

    Depth: 31 mm

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