High speed hand dryer

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    Opt for hygiene in a stylish design

    Our high speed hand dryer covers two important hygiene factors: dry hands and clean air. Drying your hands needs to be fast on busy workdays. So it's good to know that the appliance takes less than twelve seconds to dry the hands of your guests or staff. The contactless, infrared control of the hand dryer ensures economical operation and dries hands more hygienically at the same time. Ideal if you want to meet the high requirements for sanitary facilities in restaurants, the commercial sector or public buildings. The additional heating function increases convenience. Without heating, on the other hand, you save energy. By the way, in "silent mode" the appliance works more quietly, which is an advantage in schools or offices.

    Convenience for clean air and dry hands

    Do you want to regularly purify the ambient air with UV-C light and an ion generator? Simply activate the function with the corresponding switch. The appliance will then run at reduced speed for one hour, purifying the air. There is then a one-hour pause before the air is purified again. This means you can say goodbye to dust, pollen, bacteria and viruses in your sanitary facilities. For particularly high purity requirements, use the HEPA filter supplied. The appliance can be used to dry hands at any time, even in cleaning mode.

    Combine stability and elegance

    With all its technical advantages, a hand dryer should also look good in your washrooms. The brushed stainless steel casing gives this appliance a particularly modern and elegant appearance. Our hand dryers are robust and therefore vandalism-proof as standard.

    Technical datasheet

    Product Number: 205633

    Power supply: 1/N/PE ~ 220-240 V

    Frequency: 50/60 Hz

    Rated output: 720 W

    Operating noise: 76 dB(A)

    Air speed: 96 m/s

    Drying time: 12 s

    IP rating: IP23

    Casing material: Stainless steel

    Colour: Stainless steel

    Actuation type: Proximity sensors

    Height: 309 mm

    Width: 272 mm

    Depth: 132 mm

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