Energy Campus

When corporate DNA combines with architecture. The new STIEBEL ELTRON Energy Campus.

Outstanding competencies put into practice

A company's DNA essentially consists of its core competencies. With the Energy Campus, we have put the outstanding competencies we possess into practice. The PlusEnergy house showcases our expertise as technology leader: futureproof product and system solutions are intelligently networked here. In a continuous technology transfer, we pass our know-how on to our trade partners and visitors. This is in keeping with our brand promise "Full of Energy" and creates a space where the spirit of STIEBEL ELTRON can be experienced.

Energy Campus awarded platinum certification by the DGNB

The Energy Campus – a prime example of sustainable architecture that is fit for the future – has now been awarded platinum certification by the DGNB, having attained the highest rating ever for a building in the “educational facilities” category.

The Energy Campus as interface to the future

With the Energy Campus at our Holzminden head office, STIEBEL ELTRON presents a flagship project for sustainable, energy efficient construction.

The architecture of the future will unite sustainability and energy efficiency. Wherever possible, it will be of EnergyPlus standard. The Energy Campus is a pioneering achievement in this new way of building.
Prof. Manfred Hegger, CEO of HHS Planer + Architekten AG

Why did we build the Energy Campus?

STIEBEL ELTRON regards electricity as the energy source of the future. Our company consciously set an example with the Energy Campus. The future of energy supply based on electricity is already here today. True to our guiding principle "We have the energy to change things", we demonstrate smartly networked futureproof building services here.

What can visitors and trade partners expect to find in the building?

First of all, the Energy Campus is a place for open communication between people, as symbolised by the expansive glass façade. The exchange of knowledge and ongoing transfer of expertise take place here.

STIEBEL ELTRON provides its trade, design and architecture partners with fully functional building services directly in the field. In the training rooms, appliances can be put through extreme outside temperature simulations, for example, and comparisons made.

What building standards are met by the new building?

The Energy Campus is the first building of its kind in the region of southern Lower Saxony to be awarded the DGNB Platinum certificate – a point of pride for STIEBEL ELTRON.

What company aims are you pursuing with the Energy Campus?

The Energy Campus allows the public to experience STIEBEL ELTRON in its entirety – its products, people and corporate culture. It also affirms our commitment to our location.

This training and communication centre brings together high quality architecture and communication technology, and as a PlusEnergy building, it generates more energy than it consumes.

Did you know that you can charge your car with energy from the Campus?

The Energy Campus is also an electric charging station. Self-generated electricity from solar PV is used to run the building – and to charge STIEBEL ELTRON’s electric cars and bikes.

Latest tip: Are you travelling to Holzminden with an electric car? Guests of the Energy Campus can use the charging station for free!

The Energy Campus as a training venue: experiencing technology in real time.

At the heart of the Energy Campus is the technical centre. Here, all strands of the smart network come together.

The Energy Campus is where we pass our knowledge on to our partners: knowledge that helps us realise tomorrow's technology today.
Frank Röder, Head of Engineering and Training at STIEBEL ELTRON

The Energy Campus' heating and air conditioning systems rely on STIEBEL ELTRON heat pump technology. The water basin in front of the building is symbolic of the fact that groundwater is the renewable energy source for the campus. An optimised building envelope and the photovoltaic modules incorporated in façade and roof, with a capacity of around 120 kWp, complete the holistic concept. The heating energy and cool air generated in the course of training is used as much as possible – a real world laboratory for the energy transition.

In the training rooms, practice takes precedence over theory. In four themed "worlds", we actively engage the participants:

The Energy Campus is also designed to meet the specific needs of the region.

For events, four conference rooms with state of the art training media, as well as three meeting rooms are available. For large, prestigious events with up to 300 guests, the spacious foyer area is a good choice.

Ground Floor

Ground Floor

  • Large events with up to 300 guests can be hosted, with state of the art conference technology
  • Four conference rooms with state of the art training media, flexibly combinable for up to 100 participants
  • Terrace exit to the Energy Garden
  • Restaurant and lounge area

First Floor

First Floor

  • Four themed training rooms: Domestic Hot Water, Ventilation Systems, Heat Pump Systems and Installation Centre
  • Loggia with four installed heat pumps in the "Heat Pump Systems" area
  • Three meeting rooms for a total of 32 participants
  • Spacious lounge area