Integral cylinder
HSBC 200 S – Technical Data

  • Type

    Product Number


    Nominal capacity, DHW cylinder

    168 l

    Nominal capacity, buffer cylinder

    100 l

    Energy efficiency class


    Technical data

    Energy efficiency class


    Standby energy consumption/24 h at 65 °C

    1,3 kWh

    Surface, indirect coil

    3,3 m²

    Rated control voltage

    230 V

    Rated voltage, emergency/booster heater

    230 V

    Power consumption, emergency/booster heater

    5,9 kW

    Heat pump connection

    28 mm

    Heating circuit connection

    22 mm

    Cold water connection

    22 mm

    DHW connection

    22 mm

    DHW circulation connection

    12 mm

    Height of unit when tilted

    2107 mm


    1908 mm


    680 mm


    871 mm


    203 kg

    Suitable for

    WPL 19/24, WPL 15/20/25 AC(S), WPL classic, WPL 33 HT(S), HPA-O Premium, HPA-O plus

    Technical data and product variants

    For further details and product variants please refer to data sheet.

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