Air source heat pumps
WPL 17 ACS classic compact plus Set 1.1

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    Set a new standard in new build

    The outdoor air source heat pump in this set makes use of advanced inverter technology to deliver a pleasingly high level of efficiency. Its equipment features ensure that you have the best possible supply of DHW in your home at all times. The cooling function is included. You can therefore provide yourself and your family with a refreshing level of living comfort even on hot days.

    The combi unit included in the set, comprising a DHW cylinder and buffer cylinder, allows you to use hot water and heat at any time in a particularly economical way. The integral buffer cylinder stores thermal energy that isn't currently needed and releases it to the heating circuit when it is. At the same time, it also boosts the reliability of the system as a whole. Thus making sure that you're plentifully supplied. An additional benefit of this integral cylinder is the option for cooling via an underfloor heating system or fan convectors. Despite this extensive functionality, you need nothing more than a compact appliance which takes up only minimal space.

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    Product Number: 204264

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