IF module Stratos external off – Technical Data

  • Type

    Product Number


    Technical data

    Terminal cross-section

    1.5 mm2

    Contact input, reference earth together with control input


    Contact input version

    electrically isolated SELV

    Contact input, off-load voltage, max.

    10 V

    Contact output version


    Contact input, loop current

    Approx. 10 mA

    Contact output, load, min.

    12 V DC, 10 mA

    Contact output capacity

    30 V AC/60 V DC: 1 A AC1/DC1

    Control input 0-10 V version

    electrically isolated SELV

    Control input 0-10 V input resistance

    > 100 kΩ

    Control input 0-10 V reference earth

    together with contact input

    Control input 0-10 V, accuracy absolute

    5 %

    Control input 0-10 V, dielectric strength DC

    24 V


    0,06 kg

    Technical data and product variants

    For further details and product variants please refer to data sheet.

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