Small water heater

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    Less is more.

    The useful small water heater can supply multiple low-demand draw-off points. This pressure-tested appliance suits all commercial mains pressure taps and valves.


    Undersink installation saves energy and water.

    Undersink appliances heat water at the draw-off point. They reduce energy and water losses through short pipe runs. In addition, the high grade thermal insulation ensures low standby losses. Hot water on demand.

    ERP product datasheet
    Technical datasheet

    Product Number: 235002

    Nominal capacity: 10 l

    Mixed water volume 40 °C: 15,3 l

    Type: closed

    Installation type: Undersink

    With tap: -

    Colour: white

    With display: -

    Temperature display: without

    Height: 498 mm

    Width: 280 mm

    Depth: 270 mm

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