Compact instantaneous water heater
DCE-X 10/12 Premium

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    Compact DCE-X Premium instantaneous water heater – A compact appliance with clever functions.

    The DCE-X Premium compact instantaneous water heater, as the first in its class to feature 4i technology, works so precisely that accurate temperature delivery is guaranteed at all times. Frequently used temperature settings can be stored with the aid of two memory keys. As water is heated only shortly prior to draw-off, energy efficiency is increased.

    Precise information at a glance.

    The illuminated multifunction display enables easy operation of the appliance. It also shows the set water temperature at all times. Precise information on the current power consumption, energy consumption, flow rate and time, as well as status and service indicators, can be accessed as required.

    Space is not an issue.

    Thanks to its compact design, the DCE-X Premium is suitable for the kitchen sink, washbasin, and even the shower. In commercial settings, it can be used in utility rooms or for supplying multiple hand washbasins in sanitary facilities.

    ERP product datasheet

    Technical datasheet

    Product Number: 238159

    Rated output: 10.0/12.0 kW

    Height: 372 mm

    Width: 217 mm

    Depth: 109 mm

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